This Christmas we will be hand crafting decorative birch trees as a sustainable alternative to traditional Christmas trees.

The Steel Valley Project will be removing the trees from heathland in the Stocksbridge area as part of important conservation work to protect the vulnerable heathland habitat. By removing young trees, the heathland and its unique collection of plants and animals will be preserved. Heathland is a rare and threatened habitat which means that this conservation work is a high priority.

This year rather than leaving the removed trees to breakdown naturally the we will instead be transforming some of the trees into stunning alternative Christmas trees. Not only will this mean less traditional Christmas trees being used which only have a short life span after they are harvested, but it will also allow us to raise some much-needed funds.

We will have a stall at the Wadsley Church Christmas Fair on Sunday 4th December at 1.30pm where you will be able to select your own birch tree. They will be available for £20, or £30 with a set of Christmas lights included. Alternatively, if you would like to get hold of a tree directly from the charity you can call the office on 0114 283 0880. Delivery of trees will be available within a 10 mile radius of Stocksbridge for an additional £5.

The Steel Valley Project is a countryside conservation charity which has been working in the Upper Don area for over 30 years. By picking your own birch tree and making a donation you will be supporting their work in habitat management, tree planting, community events, footpath maintenance and much more.

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