The Covid pandemic has had a huge impact on our physical and mental health over the last 18 months or so. Added to that, we’ve experienced huge changes to the way we’re able to connect with others, leading to social isolation amongst many members of our community.

In response to this, we want to provide a series of guided walks which will encourage local people to come and explore their local area, meet new people and break down barriers around feelings of safety or isolation.

But we need your help!

To provide these walks, we’re looking for funding to help pay towards the time it takes to develop the walking routes, promote and manage bookings, and of course guide people safely.

We’re raising funds for this project via the Aviva Community Fund and have received huge support from the local community. However, we only have until 7th December 2021 to meet our target and are reaching out to ask you to either donate or share our appeal with your friends and family.

It’s well known that spending time outdoors in nature is good for our mental and physical wellbeing. This blog post from mental health charity Mind explains more about the benefits. We also hear similar things from our volunteers who spend time outdoors with other like-minded people.

Joining SVP has given me the opportunity to socialise with fellow volunteers, learn new skills and gain qualifications.

More about the proposed walks

The walks will be small, local guided walks for people in the community who want to get involved and learn more about their local area but currently can’t for a variety of reasons (time constraints, health, mobility issues or social isolation).

We’ll be planning short, interesting local walks which focus on the woodlands and countryside around Stocksbridge. Our guides will explain the history and features of the places we visit and allow people to take in the amazing views of the Upper Don Valley.

Importantly, the walks will be accessible to everyone from families to those with mobility issues.

Learn more about volunteering with the Steel Valley Project below:

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