Natural flood management is being increasingly valued as a solution to both flood alleviation and the creation or improvement of wetland habitats.

Our experienced staff and volunteer team alongside our subcontractors can carry out a range of natural flood management techniques to suit the site and complement any existing habitats or priority species.

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Recent projects

Willow tit habitat creation 

As part of a wider project to create wet woodland habitat, we undertook several natural flood management measures to both create new wet woodland and slow the flow of water down the catchment.

We created 3 leaky dams on fast flowing woodland streams using mature non native trees that were being felled as part of the wider project. These create small pools and flood adjoining habitat during high flows and then slowly allow the water to flow back into the stream. They also act as a natural trash screen preventing debris and silt being transported further down the stream creating blockages and degrading water quality.

We also undertook earthworks to block drainage ditches in 2 woodlands at points where flat areas were adjoining, so the water could pool and create wet woodland. We planted these areas with willow, alder and birch to create an ideal habitat for willow tits.

Dec 2017 074.JPG