The Steel Valley Project has a number of Trustees whose role is to oversee our management and administration. They also ensure that we have a clear strategy and that any work undertaken is in line with our overall vision.

One of our longer serving  Trustees is Krys Craik who first joined us 25 years ago. Over that time, she has seen some of the saplings we planted in the early years turn into maturing woodland.

When Krys first joined us, she was a landscape architect working with the South Yorkshire Forest. The Steel Valley Project played a vital role in managing and improving access to woodlands/open spaces around the Stocksbridge area and Krys represented her project on our board. Since retiring, she has continued to support both us and other projects in South Yorkshire to help regenerate the environment and to enable local people access the countryside more easily.

Krys loves the fact that she can continue to work with people who are committed to improving the local environment and said that “It is very satisfying to see the paths and spaces opened up and improved for people to enjoy. I love working with the Steel Valley Project team, volunteers and my fellow Board members – all people who share my commitment of working towards a better environment in the Steel Valley.”

As a Trustee for the Steel Valley Project, Krys attends quarterly board meetings and is a member of our management team, estimating that it takes up around 1-2 days a month of her time. She has found an additional bonus to her involvement in both the Steel Valley Project and her work with other environmental charities, believing that it helps with communication between managers in the sector.

Krys feels that the most important work the Steel Valley Project does is to increase awareness of environmental issues amongst local people, enabling them to enjoy the environment. The training opportunities which our volunteers receive also ranks highly.

When asked what she would tell someone else who is thinking about becoming a Trustee for the Steel Valley Project themselves, Krys replied:

“If you care about the environment and climate change you can make a positive change in your local community by supporting the Steel Valley Project.”

If you are interested in joining the Steel Valley Project as a Trustee, we are currently recruiting for new people to join our board.

Please click on the link below for more information:

Trustee Role Description

Email before Friday 4th May 2018 to apply.




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