The Steel Valley Project has received the news that our recent application for the ‘Tesco Bags of Help’ scheme has been successful, meaning that our ‘Green Woodland Community Project’ in Oughtibridge is being put forward to a customer vote in three Tesco stores (Barnsley Road in Fir Vale, Dykes Hall in Hillsborough and Herries Road in Southey) during January and February 2018.

Along with two other local community groups, we have been shortlisted to receive a cash award, which will be either up to £4,000, up to £2,000 or £1,000. Tesco customers will receive a blue token at checkout (remember to ask for one) and are invited to vote for who they think should take away the top grant.

What is the Green Woodland Community Project?

The Green Woodland Community Project offers local people a unique opportunity to help improve the infrastructure for public access within the steep woodland of Sensicall Park, Oughtibridge. Part of this will include free woodland workshops, planned for Spring 2018.

Difficult access up many steep steps in Sensicall Park currently restricts lots of users from being able to fully enjoy the greenspace here, which is abundant with native plants, birds, trees and insects.

The greenwood craft workshops arising from this funding will result in the creation of a traditional riven oak handrail, which will then provide durable support on the steps and mean that more people can enjoy the uppermost parts of the woodland. More about our workshops can be found on a previous blog post.

Kate Hughes, Environmental Project Officer, said: “Please vote for us when shopping at the 3 Tesco Express stores closest to Oughtibridge to help us secure the top place. Receiving the higher grant will allow us to do more of the work needed. Thank you for your support, we couldn’t do this without your help.”

Where can you vote for our project?

During January and February 2018, you can vote for the Green Woodland Community Project at the following Tesco stores (click on the name for a location map):

Sheffield Barnsley Road Express, Fir Vale, S5 7AE (near the Northern General Hospital)
Sheffield Dykes Hall Express, Hillsborough, S6 4EX
Sheffield Southey Metro, Herries Road, Southey, S5 7HF

Want to know more?

We’ll be advertising the woodland workshop sessions as soon as we know the results at the end of March. If you are interested in getting involved with the project, please keep an eye on our website and social media.

Facebook:  TheSteelValleyProject
Twitter: @steel_valley

About the Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ scheme

Tesco teamed up with Groundwork to launch its community funding scheme, which sees grants of up to £4,000, £2,000 and £1,000 – all raised from carrier bag sales in Tesco stores – being awarded to local community projects.

Bags of Help offers community groups and projects across the UK a share of revenue generated from carrier bag sales in Tesco store. For more information, see

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