As part of our mission to attain a resilient and flourishing woodland for the future in Sensicall Park, Oughtibridge, Steel Valley Project have resumed the ‘Green Community Woodland Project’.

This autumnal phase of the project began with thinning out Oak trees where they’re growing too close to other Oaks, thus providing enough growing space for the remaining trees to flourish and better support the local wildlife and floral undergrowth. The work has enabled the weekday volunteers to develop their practical skills, generate good team ethics and learn about sustainable woodland management.

The Oak timber produced then provided materials for members of the public who came along to our weekend event this November and learnt traditional greenwood craft skills with Jasper Prachek, a local rural craftsman (see our previous post here). The day involved splitting Oakwood and creating durable posts and rails for a rustic greenwood handrail. This was a very enjoyable day where people used a range of hand tools and learnt useful and interesting skills and techniques.

Following on from this workshop, the regular volunteers then got stuck in and spent the day installing the first section of the handrail along a steep section of steps within the woodland. Again this provided a day of interest and created an opportunity for the team to develop their practical and transferable skills.

The project will continue on into the new year when more selective thinning work is planned in other areas of the woodland and the next sections of handrail can be installed. Tree planting will also take place in suitable locations, with the support of local school children.

Sensicall Park woodland can be found behind the Church Street Doctors’ surgery, above the public footpath that runs along Coumes Brook. The steps are at the allotment end.

Sequence of pictures to create the handrail


This project has been supported by Bradfield Parish Council, JG Graves Charitable Trust and the Bridge Community Shop in Stocksbridge, to whom Steel Valley Project are very grateful.

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