The Steel Valley Project has been supporting work experience placements from Stocksbridge High School for over 10 years now. As part of our ongoing collaboration, one of their pupils recently spent a couple of weeks working with our Environmental Project Officer, Kate Hughes, and the volunteer team.

The student, currently in Year 10, spent time working with the practical projects team clearing branches and cutting back holly bushes as part of our ongoing path maintenance work to keep local Public Rights of Way open.  He was also involved in helping to control invasive species in woodland, thereby enhancing biodiversity in the area.

He left the placement having gained practical experience in conservation work and the use of hand tools. It also gave him an insight into countryside management activities and being part of a volunteer team in the field.

In addition to learning specific skills in conservation, the student also gained a general appreciation of the working environment. This gave him the opportunity to develop his experience in professionalism and team working, both of which are transferable life skills.

Summarising his time on placement with the Steel Valley Project, Kate commented that “he was an enthusiastic and motivated member of the team” and that we are looking forward to working with more work experience placement students in the future.

She added that these placements can prove to be crucial in inspiring young people to develop a career in practical work such as forestry, arboriculture, land-based industries, ecology and conservation work.






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