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About the area

The area is a varied landscape rich in natural resources with a long and diverse human heritage. The landscape can reveal stories that help us appreciate the natural resources around us and understand how our modern communities have developed.

Looking at the natural landscape, exploring familiar landmarks and sharing local knowledge helps us gain a new understanding of the character and identity of the place many people call home.

Explore the landscape and investigate the area from a new perspective! You never know what you may learn and discover on your own doorstep...

We have produced four themed leaflets, which will help local people and visitors alike to gain a new understanding and appreciation of this area and ensure that its heritage and character is appreciated and celebrated for years to come!

Patterns In The Landscape

The story of how natural forces have created the familiar landscape and influenced our local wildlife and countryside.


Getting Around and About

From ancient footpaths and salt routes to milestones and railways - getting around the countryside was always vital for trade and economy but is now just as important for health and recreation!


Hidden Treasures

Our natural resources have shaped our communities and industries in the past; how will we exploit or conserve them to ensure a sustainable future?



Steel Valley Life

The people of local communities give the area character and heart. Explore local memories and knowledge and learn about folk traditions, worship, work, rest and play!


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